Level of Play

Whether you’re a Messi or just a mess, Social Sport caters for all levels and abilities. Simply select which level you would like to play when registering your team:



Designed for Social Sport newbies or those simply looking for a bit of friendly fun, participants who play at this level are out to enjoy themselves and aren't too fussed about the score line. Many who select this level haven’t played in an organised team before and are not fluent with the rules. This is the perfect level for beginners to begin their journey to social sporting stardom…




Perfect for teams who are still relatively new to Social Sport but are seeking a bit more of a challenge. Participants that play at this level have a sound knowledge of the rules and have played in a social league before.



Upper Intermediate

A Social Sport regular looking to be tested? This is the level for you. Participants who select this level can expect a high calibre of competition against experienced teams. This is an appropriate level for those targeting the upper echelons of the Social Sport ladder.



Skillful and Experienced

Only the Ronaldos and Neymars of the Social Sport scene would choose this level. Perfect for those individuals who live and breathe their chosen sport. Teams registering at this level will be playing the very best on offer. If you think you’re good enough to challenge for no. 1 position, then this is the level for you.